Can I Track My Stolen Garmin GPS?

Can I Track My Stolen Garmin GPS

Well. GPS is one of the most essential technologies for our daily life. It helps us navigate the environment to reach our destination with proper instructions without any complications. In simple words, it makes our daily life easier. But have you ever thought that if you somehow lost your Garmin GPS device, how can you … Read more

Where is the GPS Tracker on a U-Haul Truck?

U-Haul Trucks and GPS An even more relevant question with higher priority is – do U-Haul trucks even have GPS trackers? These are key questions that you need to be asking if you are contemplating moving to a new place. The truth is that GPS trackers may not be present in most U-Haul trucks. While … Read more

How to Update my Nextar GPS for Free?


This is a question you will be asking at some point if your Nextar GPS has not been updated in a while. So don’t worry if that is the case, for you are in good hands. Here is how it’s done. Updating the Nextar GPS For Nextar devices that are from 2010 or later, you … Read more

How to Update GPS in Toyota Sienna

We will take a quick look at how updating the software, signaling, and cartography is done for the GPS in newer as well as legacy models.   Updating Older Toyota Sienna GPS How do you update the older GPS for Toyota Sienna models between 2000 and 2005? The best way to update the software is … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Update Garmin GPS ?

Garmin is a famous brand known for making need-based products for people with an active lifestyle. They describe themselves as engineers on the inside for people to have a life on the outside. They explain that their objective in doing this is to allow their customers the most time investment in pursuing their passions. And … Read more

Can a Car GPS be Used on a Boat?

Many people frequently use their car GPS for navigation purposes, making it really easy to travel long distances without being familiar with the terrain. Similarly, people are curious about whether it’s possible to use their GPS on a boat, which is an entirely different story. The short answer is that it’s possible but not detailed enough … Read more

How to Update GPS in Chrysler 300


Chrysler 300 has always been a beautiful car despite the several design changes over the years. I was in awe when it first launched in 2005 and followed its progress as it evolved into its latest version. The built-in GPS is an added benefit, but you must keep it updated to have the latest maps … Read more

Uconnect update

Uconnect update : what do you need to know Uconnect enables you listening whatever local radio stations you’d like or enjoying your personal favorite playlist. Second option : use the SiriusXM® to listen to 150 channels of information, sports or entertainment. Uconnect insures also a safety navigation for you and your travelers. Itinerary, junction view, … Read more