How Much Does It Cost To Update Garmin GPS ?

Garmin is a famous brand known for making need-based products for people with an active lifestyle. They describe themselves as engineers on the inside for people to have a life on the outside.

They explain that their objective in doing this is to allow their customers the most time investment in pursuing their passions.

And although they have a wide range of products to accommodate this very objective, one product that seems to stand out for innovation and leading-edge technology is their GPS device.

The compelling features that attract the customers yet the exceptional ease of use have made it one of their best sellers on the website.

However, it is important to note here that if you are one of the proud owners of the Garmin GPS, there are regular updates that you have to follow up with in order to keep the device at its working best.

Therefore, this situation leads to many consequent questions that need to be answered about the GPS device, its workings, and whether or not the updates are costly.

So let’s get along to answering some to help you guys out!

When Does My Garmin Needs Updates

First and foremost, the question that arises immediately is when exactly your Garmin needs updates, and how can you even tell.

So the simplest way to know if your Garmin needs updates is to go to the setting menu that you can access through the watch by selecting or scrolling.

Next, you can choose the system and see if it shows an update requirement.

If it shows Update Available, then that obviously means that your device needs updates. Moreover, Garmin releases regular updates for the device’s system software.

You can ensure that the system software is updated with the latest one by checking every three to four months. It also gives you a free lifetime map update for the Garmin units.

How Do I Get Garmin Updates?

Receiving Garmin updates majorly happens on its own. However, certain update releases only happen so exclusively.

Therefore, you must go to their official website to receive them.

However, the “express” feature is where the updates are available. So you can go on selecting the following options to get your Garmin updates:

  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • The installation will be completed after you open the downloaded file as per those instructions.
  • Also, note that Garmin Express needs to stay started.
  • Moreover, it would be best if you also had a USB cable connected to your Garmin device to follow up with the updates.
  • Next, you can follow the same steps that you take to check if your device is updated or not.
  • You can see that in the settings drop-down to check if it says Update Available.

Which Garmin Has Free Map Updates?

It isn’t like you need to have a particular model of the Garmin device to receive these updates.

However, obviously, the device must be from one of the newer models from the advanced technology range to receive these updates in the first place.

So the Garmin model names titled LMT, LM, and LT are updates-friendly.

It is also important to note here that the device needs to be connected to the satellite for over 90 days to be able to receive the updates.

So if your device has been lying dormant, you cannot account for these updates the very next day after activating it.

However, the model names mentioned receive lifetime updates, so you can easily wait to follow suit for updates.

Cost of Purchasing a Map Update Subscription

According to Garmin’s official website, if your Garmin device is preloaded and has the City Navigator NT maps feature, then you have the eligibility to avail the NuMaps subscription by purchasing it and downloading it onto your device.

Now similar to receiving the regular free updates, your device will also receive updates through Garmin Express.

NuMaps is a feature of Garmin that allows the subscribers to enjoy updated maps as soon as a new update drops.

If it is useful and compatible with your Garmin device, rest assured that as long as the Garmin device keeps receiving map data, it shall continue to be updated.

Therefore, you can always continue from their website or find a third-party supplier too.

Garmin’s NuMaps Guarantee

Garmin’s NuMaps also offers a guarantee when you purchase the Garmin GPS device.

This makes the buyer eligible and entitled to receive free GPS navigation and map updates for a good number of 90 days.

The 90 days countdown continues from your first purchase to the very first satellite connection. This makes the Garmin device an excellent gift too.

However, it is important to note here that it doesn’t mean that if your 90-day counter is coming to a close, your Garmin device may malfunction or give you incorrect directions.

But still, it is recommended that you download the Garmin Express feature on your computer. So that even after the 90 days have gone by, you can check for free updates as usual.

Purchasing New Maps

Apart from the Garmin Express, regular free updates, and the NuMaps Guarantee, there is an option to purchase new maps.

However, it is clear by the use of the word “purchase” that you have to pay for it. This also includes any follow-up updates over the maps you install on your Garmin GPS unit.

However, even these updates work through the Garmin Express.

Moreover, one should also note that, unlike regular mobile application updates, Garmin doesn’t have a set schedule to provide and release new maps or consequent updates.

Therefore, this is also where the Garmin Express software comes in handy because you can simply visit the drop-down menu, check for updates, note the prices, and make your purchases.

Other Map Categories

Garmin devices specifically cater to sporting activities like golf, aviation, boating, rafting, cycling, etc. Hence, updates for such maps and devices can easily be found on the official website of Garmin.

However, there are devices like Garmin Approach, which is a golfing device with maps of golf courses. Such a device also has a lifetime of free access to map updates.

However, as predicted, you need to have the Garmin Express software on your computer to do so.

However, for devices like Edge or Montana dedicated to cycling, you can get paid features like topographical content and street photos of different cycling regions worldwide, including the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, where safe cycling is practiced the most.

Wrap Up

All in all, it is safe to say that if you are an owner of the Garmin GPS device, then you need to have Garmin Express software downloaded to your computer.

Most of the updates, whether they are free or paid, simply show up on the drop-down menu and can be purchased or downloaded as such.

There are no hassle, downtime, or complications to deal with for doing so.

Therefore, there is no one answer to how much it costs to update a Garmin GPS as it depends on every update, device type, model name, and for what specification it is meant.

However, if you still need an aggregate amount in your head, it is best to buy the latest Garmin device for yourself and check it out. Cheers!