GPS update for all brands and vehicles

Practical on a daily basis, the GPS allows you to be assisted in all your movements and to be alerted on the dangers, the speed limits and the traffic jams on your way. Over the years, many innovative features have been added to the routes. To take full advantage of your navigation system, it is essential to update it regularly.

GPS update: benefits and processes

Why update a GPS?

Your GPS took you straight to a dead end or you couldn’t find an address to visit friends? Here are some situations you’ve probably already faced if your navigation system is no longer up to date . Over the years, the road network evolves, new roads are created, the speed limits change: if you do not update your GPS, your device quickly becomes obsolete and its utility is greatly reduced. To avoid unpleasant surprises during your travels, remember to update your maps, following the instructions in this guide.

How to update a nomadic GPS?

The GPS nomadic is in the form of a nomadic box. TomTom, Garmin, Coyote…there are many possibilities on the market. Each supplier offers its own update system. Generally, this means the purchase of maps, via a subscription or on an ad hoc basis. Depending on the model purchased, the cartographies can be included in the original price: this is called “ lifetime update“. Unfortunately, the old boxes do not have this option. In this case, you must go to the official website of the brand and browse their shop to discover the different card purchase formulas. Depending on the age of your device and the frequency of updates, it may be advisable to replace it with a more recent version. Of course, you will have to invest again in a GPS but you can then take advantage of the included updates.

How to update an embedded GPS?

Automotive suppliers offer among their panel of options the integrated navigation assistant. Again, updates will depend on the model of the vehicle but also on its age. The most recent cars have a system that automatically updates itself. The connected devices, on the other hand, can be updated remotely or by downloading a file. On the other hand, for an older vehicle, you will have to request an update of your GPS directly from the dealer.

GPS application: update

The navigation applications are more and more common: Waze, Google Maps, Maps… If you are connected via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, your app is updated in real time. In fact, the users validate the accuracy of the information. Do not hesitate to report any anomaly found on your route.

How to update your GPS for free ?

You have noticed it: depending on the type of GPS you use, it is very likely that you need to put some money into it for the update via your official supplier. Fortunately, there is another more economical alternative.

OpenStreetMap : Open Source GPS updates

The project was launched in 2004 and proposes a giant database of free maps. Often referred to as the “Wikipedia of Maps”, this tool is based on user contributions. Thousands of contributors update the many maps available, which are then freely accessible to the entire community. The huge advantage of OpenStreetMap is the ability to download maps free of charge and integrate them into a GPS unit.

How to use OpenStreetMap with Garmin ?

The maps offered by OpenStreetMap are directly compatible with the GPS Garmin. Beyond being free of charge, installation is simple and fast. Follow the different steps carefully:

  • To start, you should check that your GPS has enough internal memory. A complete map of a country weighs around 1 GB. Please note that you can always add a memory card if necessary,
  • Go to the site
  • Select the “ Generic Routable Map” or the “ Generic routable New Style“. The latter is a more stylized version of the former and offers advanced features,
  • Choose the desired country or map area,
  • Download the version .zip,
  • Unzip the file and then place it on the hard disk of your GPS by connecting it via USB to your computer,
  • To finish, go to your GPS settings and activate the map.

Hiking, mountain biking: adapted maps

The OpenStreetMap project also allows you to download maps specifically adapted to mountain bike or hiking trips. To do this, you will need to select the map “ OpenFietsMap” and then follow the same steps detailed above.

How to use OpenStreetMap with TomTom ?

The use of OSM cards with a TomTom GPS is possible but requires the installation of a plug-in. Indeed, this supplier does not allow you to read other maps directly. Here is a method that will give you the possibility to read OpenStreetMap maps on your TomTom

  • Ideally, use a new SD card to avoid damaging the original card,
  • Go to and download the software,
  • Install OpenSource maps in the Maps subfolder,
  • Press the icon “ Index maps” in the menu “Cards” of your device.

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