Update GPS Lowrance

Lowrance main aim is to help anglers to find and catch a maximum of fishes with its innovative marine electronic solution. Lowrance invented the first sonar for customers and non-professional anglers 60 years ago. Nowadays, Lowrance usually updates its technology to provide the best of underwater imaging downward and to the sides. Lowrance has charts for more than 3,000 lakes and rivers in USA to guide fishermens’ navigation with high resolution and map quality. Indeed, Lowrance updated recently its technology and created picture-like views, a review in order to scroll back sonar history in live and a high-definition screen to navigate in any conditions. Actually, that’s the reason why you need to update your Lowrance device. Lowrance always develops its technology to enable you developing your own data map. Fishing with Lowrance navigation system becomes a real pleasure because you’re insured to find the most beautiful fishes present on your fishing area.

Lowrance : range, product and price

Lowrance offers different kinds of underwater navigation technologies in order to help fishing along. To succeed, Lowrance develops currently new ranges of products. It also helps keeping the customers and anglers satisfied. In Lowrance technology, we can see 3 distinct ranges with different features :

Lowrance HookLowrance Hook range is dedicated to casual weekend anglers.Lowrance Hook is for freshwater, inshore coastal fishing and fishing (near-coastal) boats.Lowrance provides its Hook range with an autotuning sonar to enable you to double your broadband sonar coverage and find more fishes than with a classic sonar. In addition, the C-MAP US mapping is preloaded in your device. Finally, Lowrance Hook range is very easy to install.
Lowrance EliteLowrance Elite range is made for “avid weekend Anglers” to enable you fishing in freshwater or saltwater. You can also use your Lowrance Elite into deep and shallow water or for fishing boats and kayaks.Lowrance Elite Updated offers you a sonar develops with ActiveImaging builts with a sidescan and downscan imaging. You can also use a smart target view, a wireless networking and above all, the smartphone notifications for a more comfortable fishing. Like the Lowrance Hook range of products, a preloaded C-MAP US Inland mapping is available and also a Genesis Live on screen mapping.
Lowrance HDS liveYou are a tournament and serious angler ? You will appreciate the Lowrance HDS live range builts on for freshwater and saltwater, but also for deep or shallow water. As a bonus you can fish with all sizes of fishing boats.For this range all characteristics has been improved to offers an unique experience with clearest displays, fastest charts redraws and sonar update, an improved target viewand C-MAp US enhanced mapping with full coastal and inland imaging.

Those 3 ranges contain different products with a relevant level of quality. Here are the most famous Lowrance’s products :

RangeProductEstimated price
Lowrance hookLowrance hook 7249$
Lowrance elitelowrance elite 3x71,35$
lowrance elite 4 hdi338$
lowrance elite 4x125$
lowrance elite 4 chirp299$
lowrance elite 5 hdi499$
lowrance elite 5 ti684$
lowrance elite 5 dsi349$
lowrance elite 7 ti649$
lowrance elite 7 hdi769$
lowrance elite 7 chirp749$
lowrance elite 9 ti1,359$

Lowrance and the best map quality

In order to offer you the best fishing experience, Lowrance works with the best of the imaging. Indeed, three charts are suggested :

C-MAPC-MAP Insight ProOn a single SD card, C-MAP combines high-detail Lowrance update US Inland mapping with C-MAP coastal charts with one same promise : confidence.
C-MAP Lake Insight HDC-MAP Lake insight HD is very appreciated by anglers all around USA. This Lowrance map gathers five regional cards dedicated to inland anglers.
C-MAP MAX-N +Enjoy every moment on the water thanks to Lowrance high resolution coastal charts.
C-MAP GenesisC-MAP Genesis is an improved version of the classical C-MAP. As a bonus, you can create your own fishing maps for your favorite fishing place with high-definition custom fishing maps. To do it, use the high definition fishing maps from sonar data. This sonar data is directly recorded in your GPS unit on your boat, if your sonar and GPS unit are compatible. Identify fish-holding humps and dangerously shallow areas with your custom depth shading. Anglers, fishing has never been so safe. The downloading of charts is free on C-MAP Genesis, don’t hesitate anymore and update your Lowrance imaging.
NavionicsNavionics +Purchase an affordable imaging and enjoy your fishing time with safety. Navionics + principal features enable you to fishing with high precision :
● port plans,
● safety depth contours,
● tides and currents,
● marine services,
● navigation aids.
Moreover, Navionics + enables you to create your own personal high definition bathymetry charts in real time. Some information may be transferred from the mobile app to your MFD such as routes and makers and update charts. Be careful, this service may need a subscription.
Navionics Platinum +Navionics Platinum + presents all the characteristics of the Navionics + and more. In addition to GPS plotters, you have a 3D view, satellite overlay and panoramic photos in order to provide the most real time report of the underwater situation.

Update your Lowrance device

Why updating your Lowrance device is so important ?

Fishing for pleasure or tournament is not an easy task and that the reason why you choose use Lowrance technology to help you. Actually, to have the most relevant results, your Lowrance must be updated. Lowrance provides you a lot of current updatings for its software. Update your Lowrance device is very important to improved the fishing quality and save money and time. Don’t spend hours looking for fishes while you can find them easily with a Lowrance update.

How to update Lowrance device ?

Lowrance update is very easy. First step is to remove your SD card from your Lowrance device and connect it to your computer so you can download the Lowrance updates.

Then, go on Lowrance website and find the dedicated page for updating . Here you have to select the Lowrance model you use (Elite TI, Hook 5, Hook 7…). Once your Lowrance device selected, you will see a page indicates different elements such as :

● Addendum,

● Installation manual,

● Mounting template,

● Operator manual,

● Quick start guide,

● Software.

If a Lowrance updated version is available for your Lowrance device, the update appears on your screen in the “software” category. Sometimes there are several updates available for one Lowrance device. Here you just have to click on the Lowrance update you’d like to install. A small description of the Lowrance update is given and you will see the Lowrance update link. Click on the Lowrance update link to download the new software version.

Once your Lowrance update version downloaded, you just have to extract the file for the zip file and copy it on your SD card. The next step is to remove your SD card from your computer and put it back on your Lowrance device. Once the SD card in your unit, power off your Lowrance device and start it again. The unit will starts downloading the Lowrance software update. While downloading, do not shut off the unit or you risk to damage your device. Once the downloading is complete, the system reboots himself. Some updates may need Lowrance device to reboots and updates twice. To verify that the Lowrance update has been realized with success, go on your parameter and check that the version of your software corresponds to the version you’ve just downloaded. If it’s correct, your Lowrance update has been successful and feel free to use your device.