Garmin GPS update: the 2021 complete guide

Garmin is a recognized and famous brand which makes a name for itself in the world leaders in GPS since 1989.  “Design to last” is the motto of the American company which has been offering ever more innovative solutions to meet the expectations of demanding customers for almost thirty years.  The Garmin GPS has been able to withstand the test of time and adapt to new market needs and changing technologies.  Discover the features of Garmin GPS models through this comprehensive guide.

GPS Garmin, presentation

A few words about the brand

Garmin was founded in 1989 in the United States.  Two American engineers then decided to embark on the development of GPS navigation assistants, intended for use by the air force and the army.  The name “Garmin” is none other than a combination of the two first names of the creators, Gary and Min.  The American company was successful in the 2000s, thanks to its nomad GPS system, designed for hikers.  Surfing the wave and taking advantage of the navigation devices’ democratization, Garmin then launched GPS for cars.

The different Garmin GPS units

Garmin GPS range is available in a vast number of models, for different uses.

  • GPS Garmin automotive

Garmin offers a complete navigation devices’ line for cars, trucks, motorbikes and campers.  All these products have been designed to make your daily driving easier and to help you adopt a fluid navigation, while keeping your mind at ease.  The Garmin GPS auto version offers you a new, optimized and safe driving experience.

  • GPS Sport and Fitness range

To adapt to the needs of athletes, Garmin has developed a range of equipment to help you practice your favourite sport.  Cycling, running, hiking or swimming, take advantage of a high-performance device to monitor your daily progress.

gps connected watch
  • Garmin Marine Collection

Experience your passion for the sea thanks to the range of Garmin GPS units specially designed for maritime use.  Discover the latest generations of Garmin plotters and depth finders for safe, perfectly organized and controlled navigation.

  • GPS for aviation

Garmin offers you a specific collection for aviation.  Based on the latest state-of-the-art technologies in the field, these devices will help you to find your way up in the sky effectively.

GPS Garmin, the editorial team’s favourites

Garmin offers a wide choice of models to meet all your expectations.  Discover our selection of the best Garmin GPSs, offering excellent value for money and advanced features.

Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-S

Enjoy the latest generation GPS with this flagship model of the American brand.  This device is a real driving assistant offering you a navigation service with integrated camera as well as safety and vigilance alerts to optimize your driving.  This product comes with a preloaded lifetime mapping, so you can easily navigate in any country.  In addition to its driving assistance functions, this GPS allows you to benefit from Bluetooth hands-free calls.  Voice control is also an interesting option to keep you focused on the road.  The Garmin DriveAssist features built-in Wi-Fi for easy road map updating.

Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT-S

Save time and enjoy simplified trips with DriveSmart’real-time services.  Your navigation assistant takes you to your destination while avoiding traffic jams and offers you different points of interest on your way.  The connected features of your Garmin GPS also allow you to benefit from Bluetooth hands-free calls, smart notifications and voice control.  You have access to a preloaded lifetime map when you purchase this Garmin GPS system.  Updating is greatly facilitated by the integrated Wi-Fi.

Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S

The most economical choice for small budgets, without sacrificing quality.  This simple and intuitive model comes with a preloaded lifetime mapping and offers you all the services in real time for smooth and easy navigation.  The Garmin Drive GPS alerts you to traffic and provides you with information about potential dangers in your path.  This navigation system also includes TripAdvisor, to discover the most popular places of interest on your way.

Garmin GPS update, all you need to know

Why update your Garmin GPS ?

The models offered by Garmin offer advanced performance and prove to be essential aids to navigate with peace of mind.  However, your GPS will not be of any use to you if it is not up to date.  The road network is constantly evolving, and it is important that your device integrates the latest maps, in order to offer you coherent routes that correspond to reality.  To enjoy accurate navigation, you should therefore take a close interest in updates to your device.

How to update your Garmin GPS?

Garmin offers you dedicated software to manage all updates and new maps: Garmin Express.  This program can be downloaded free of charge from their website and is available in PC and MAC versions.  This wizard allows you to easily configure, record and manage your GPS unit.  Express sends you notifications so that you never miss the latest important updates.  This software gives you the ability to download all the latest maps easily and quickly.  Then simply synchronize your device by plugging it into USB.

Garmin GPS update prices

The brand offers different formulas for updating your cards.  This allows you to choose the option which best suits your needs and budget.  Find all the offers in the dedicated section on the Garmin website.

  • nüMaps Guarantee:  When you purchase a Garmin GPS, the preloaded map may not be the most recent version.  You then have the option within 90 days to perform free updates, if Garmin offers a more recent mapping than the one integrated into your system.
  • nüMaps Onetime:  This option is a unique update that allows you to update your map for 59€.  Before making your purchase, you can visit the Garmin website to check if there is a more recent version for your device.
  • nüMaps Lifetime :  Finally, the Lifetime offer is the most interesting financially since it allows you to update your GPS up to three times a year, throughout its lifetime.  For 89€, you can drive in complete serenity with up-to-date maps, which correspond to the current road network.

Update my Garmin GPS