How to Update GPS in Toyota Sienna

We will take a quick look at how updating the software, signaling, and cartography is done for the GPS in newer as well as legacy models.  

Updating Older Toyota Sienna GPS

How do you update the older GPS for Toyota Sienna models between 2000 and 2005? The best way to update the software is simply to visit the car dealership where you got your vehicle from.

Updating it on your own is not the best idea since these models have older software installed. The dealership will guide you on how the job is done.

The GPS upgrade will be fairly cheap at around 50 dollars.

Updating GPS on 10-Year-Old Toyota Sienna Vehicles

You can use this GPS updating technique on Toyota Sienna vehicles that are around 10 years old.

The “Here Navigation” app will likely be installed on your vehicle. Simply head over to their website. From here you can find the map update for your GPS which you can then download.

You may then copy the software to either an SD card or a USB key. First, take a look at the connectors before deciding which memory media will work for you.

Once that is done you can update via the menu shown on the integrated GPS.

Updating the Toyota Sienna Software on Newer Vehicles

You can download the newest Toyota Entune update by first starting your Entune app and then linking to your automobile with the help of Bluetooth or USB.

You will then find a menu that gives you 2 options for your update: ‘Later’ or ‘Now’. You can select the ‘Now’ option so that your updates may complete soon after. Your GPS will be updated.

Toyota Sienna – GPS and Tech

Along with the GPS, there is plenty of techs to look forward to in the latest Toyota Sienna.

The GPS, as well as the cutting-edge tech, can all be accessed via the 9-inch infotainment touchscreen which is installed on the dashboard over the climate control panel.

Amazon Alexa, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay come standard to the Sienna. The van’s cabin has a total of 7 USB ports.

You can make use of the SiriusXM satellite radio along with the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.

In the base stereo system, you will find 6 speakers. In higher trims, you will find 8 speakers.

The JBL system with speakers is an option that is available for the XSE and XLE models. You can choose to upgrade to this system if you are willing to pay more.

On the Platinum and Limited editions, the 12-speaker setup is standard.

The in-dashboard sat-nav system is a standard feature that is available on the XSE trim and above. The rear-seat 11.6-inch display is available as an option on all trims except the LE base model.

The tech in the Toyota Sienna is reliable and responsive. The infotainment system on board the vehicle works with the help of the touchscreen and buttons. Both buttons and the touchscreen respond quickly.

Thanks to this redundancy, you can select the preference you like for accessing the menu.

The built-in navigation system is easily readable and also highly accurate. The sat nav is highly responsive and easy to use. You will not feel lost on roads far from home.

The good thing about the system is that it responds nicely to your voice input. Smartphone integration via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard features on all Toyota Sienna trims.

There are other interior tech highlights worth mentioning. Like the intercom system, the plethora of USB ports, and the Wi-Fi connectivity.

The sophisticated driving aids are also a joy to use. Adaptive cruise control alleviates the problem of sudden and hard braking. This allows for a more comfortable ride.

Hence, there is no shortage of tech in the Toyota Sienna. The GPS is an integral part of this tech array designed to improve your driving experience so that you don’t feel hopelessly lost.

Bottom Line

How to update GPS in Toyota Sienna? Updating GPS in the newer Toyota Sienna models is a cinch as you just saw.

For older models, you have to resort to a more manual approach. All in all, it is not too hard to have an updated GPS that meets expectations.