Update GPS Coyote

What is the Coyote GPS ?

Coyote, a leader in Europe in the field of Geolocation, has now become among the best manufacturers and developers of GPS applications with its very efficient appliances and notably with the car Coyote Nav GPS which allows no only to avoid the bad surprises thanks to its real-time traffic information, but also to signal the presence of fixed and mobile radars using the combination of GPS and GSM technologies.

Coyote GPS devices with their “Settings” menu allows you to set up alerts. Several types are found; The “danger zones” that prevent a next automated radar, the “risk zones” which mainly signal mobile radars, the “frequent risk zones” that warn that we are entering a regularly controlled area and traffic incidents: stoppers, vehicles in breakdown, accidents, works and other narrow lanes for greater driver safety.

Coyote updates ?

Several cartographic updates are available daily for Coyote GPs. These updates allow you to refresh or add new maps.

Free Coyote Updates provide basic and necessary navigational information. These updates are sometimes fairly limited compared to paying updates for smartphones and enabling the user to benefit from several convenient features.

GPS updates are essential and we always advise you to update your Coyote GPS devices.

How do I add your Coyote GPS card ?

Installing the GPS card for coyote devices is fairly simple and easy, just connect your coyote GPS to your computer with an Internet connection, a removable disk appears.

Under Windows click on the “Win32” folder if you are using the Mac system, click the “Mac” folder.

Then launch the “CoyoteMapsUpdater” file, the download automatically launches. Once the download and installation is done, your device restarts and you will be able to take the road !

Update GPS Coyote :