GPS Navigon, a complete guide to updating your mobile system and application

Navigon has been proceeding as a navigation system specialist for more than 25 years. Bought in 2011 by the giant Garmin, the Navigon brand is no longer available on the market. However, if you already have a nomadic device Navigon or if you use their application on smartphone, you have of course always the possibility to make updates. In this complete guide, discover the latest news from Navigon and the steps to follow to update your equipment.

GPS Navigon : general presentation

Brand history

The Navigon brand was created in 1991 in Germany. For many years, the German company was one of the leaders in the GPS market. In 2000, Navigon was even the very first company to market navigation software for Pocket PCs. Navigon has distinguished itself by its nomadic devices but also by its application released in 2009, Mobile Navigator Europe. In 2008, the company employed 400 people across Europe, Asia and North America and was bought out by Garmin in 2011. In 2018, the final termination of the Mobile Navigator Europe application and updates is announced.

Navigon’s mobile GPS devices

The Navigon brand has marketed a wide range of mobile GPS models, adapted to all needs and available in a wide price range. Today, it is still possible to find certain devices for purchase on online sales sites such as Amazon or Cdiscount, but there is no longer an official website of the brand since its acquisition. Since updates will cease in two years’ time, it is not advisable to invest today in Navigon equipment. However, you may already own one of their flagship models, such as the Navigon 70 Premium Live or the Navigon GPS 40 Easy ViaMichelin? You can then of course always take advantage of the functionalities of your tool. You will find in the following of this guide all the steps to update your GPS Navigon.

The Navigon application: Mobile Navigator Europe

Surprisingly, Navigon launches the very first GPS software for iPhone in 2009. A genuine revolution at the time, MobileNavigator Europe is sold for €74.99 and therefore allows you to benefit from a complete navigation system from a smartphone. The application then works in both portrait and landscape mode and offers all the maps of European countries, in 2D and 3D. Subsequently, the program was also marketed for Android and WindowsPhone phones.

In May 2018, Garmin announced the permanent withdrawal of the application on the various stores. Users will still be able to continue to benefit from their software and options for two years. Support will then be maintained until 2020. If MobileNavigator Europe has been for several years one of the best GPS navigation software on the phone, the massive arrival of free applications like Waze, Google Maps or Plans would have spelled its end. So, what changes are expected for long-term subscribers? Since May 2018, there is no longer any possibility to download the application and/or to subscribe new options. On the other hand, users will be able to continue to benefit from their purchases for the entire period already paid for. For two years, it is still possible to use the application if it is already installed on your smartphone.

Navigon GPS Update: how to proceed ?

You use a mobile GPS from Navigon or it is the application MobileNavigator Europe that guides you during your trips? However, don’t forget to update your maps to benefit from suitable and up-to-date routes. There is a specific procedure to proceed to updating your equipment or to obtain new maps on your application. Follow the steps!

Mobile system to be updated

Alike many recognized GPS systems recognized GPS systems, Navigon uses the maps provided by the company HERE (formerly Navteq). This company is responsible for collecting traffic information and accurately updating maps. It is from this data that Navigon offers updates of its GPS equipment. To update a NavigonGPS nomadic GPS, the brand has developed a free software to install on your computer. Here’s how to proceed to integrate up-to-date maps into your tool:

  1. Then run the installation file and follow the various instructions ;
  2. Start your software and connect your navigation system to your machine via a USB cable
  3. Navigon Fresh automatically recognizes your device and then allows you to perform all necessary updates ;
  4. Create your MyNavigon account from your email address to access all the features offered by Navigon Fresh.

The application: how to update the data ?

As mentioned above, Garmin is committed to providing up-to-date maps for two years to enjoy your application MobileNavigator Europe on your smartphone. The company will propose until at least 2020 a major update each year. Here are the steps to follow for the first installation of maps on your device:

gps phone update
  1. Open your application on your smartphone
  2. From the menu, click on the “Map Manager” button ;
  3. Select the desired country by checking the box ;
  4. Press the “Accept changes” button to finalize your selection and download the new maps.

Thereafter, if you want to update your saved maps, you can also go through the Map Manager by clicking this time on the “Update” button. For both operations, it is necessary to have a stable Wi-Fi connection.

GPS Update supports you in all your update needs

Do not forget to update your maps frequently

Over the months, your navigation system starts to show some limitations: it doesn’t find the address you want to go to or it leads you straight to a dead end. These cases are frequent when your GPS is not up to date. To avoid wasting time and to be efficiently assisted in all your journeys, remember to update your tool once or twice a year, depending on your needs.

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