Uconnect update

Uconnect update : what do you need to know

Uconnect enables you listening whatever local radio stations you’d like or enjoying your personal favorite playlist. Second option : use the SiriusXM® to listen to 150 channels of information, sports or entertainment. Uconnect insures also a safety navigation for you and your travelers. Itinerary, junction view, speed limit… the use of Uconnect is very helpful for driving. Furthemore, using an updated Uconnect is essential. Roads and highways change endlessly, that the reason why your Uconnect must do the same. Updating your Uconnect enables you saving time and money because you follow the shortest itinerary. Don’t hesitate to update Uconnect anymore !

Uconnect : the features

Uconnect is available on several car models like Fiat, Jeep, RAM, etc. First, Uconnect is used to drive correctly thanks to its navigation system. With a Uconnect update you can see points of interests, audio route spleen screen, junction view, travel programming, lane guidance, speed limit and speed alerts and more. If you want to use all of those features, you might need to update your Uconnect system and maps. Actually, the others Uconnect features depend on the car model. That mean that Uconnect, even an updated Uconnect, cannot offers the same level of services for each car model. But let’s see all the features available :

FeatureCharacteristicsCar model
SiriusXM®Using a Uconnect update enables you listening and enjoy over 150 channels from different topics : commercial-free music, sports, tlak, comedy, news and entertainment. With SiriusXM® you also have the possibility to use an All Access Package. It means that you can listen online or on the app the channel you’d like.Chrysler
SiriusXM® with 360LSiriusXM® with 360L is an improved version of the SiriusXM® available only on the brand new 2019 Ram 1500. As a bonus, you can customize your listening experience by creating several listener profiles and personalize your content based on your listening history. Search for channels, artists and programs using voice recognition system. You can also continue listening to your content on your phone when you’re leaving your vehicle, thanks to the smartphone integration.RAM
Bluetooth streaming audioNo more cable to sort out, with Bluetooth streaming audio you can connect your smartphone and listen to your favorite musics. The uconnect system enables you to pair up to ten smartphones thank’s to Bluetooth streaming audio.Chrysler
4G wifi hotspotThough Uconnect you have access to available 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot which enables you watching stream videos, get access to your email or check social medias. Uconnect uses your vehicle’s antenna for connectivity to offer those services. The connectivity is up to 50 feet from your car. Uconnect, once update, offers a service with 3 months trial with 1 GB of data available. You can also purchase a daily pass up to 250 MB or a monthly subscription with unlimited data.Chrysler
HD radio™HD Radio™ enables you to access digital signals transmitted thanks to traditional radio frequencies. With your uconnect update you access to the most local AM/FM programming with digital sound anywhere life takes you.Chrysler
Uconnect theaterUconnect theater is used to watch movies, surf on internet or play games on the high-definition touchscreens presents on Chrysler cars models. To use it, connect your smartphone or tablet and more to your Uconnect Theater. To use this feature you have to update your Uconnect system. Moreover, you can charge your devices thanks to several USB and Mobile High Definition Link charging ports.Chrysler
Rear-seat entertainmentEnable your travellers to spend a good moment and hours of travel with movies, music or video games. Uconnect Rear-seat entertainment is available with a single or dual screen options and wireless headphones. Enjoy the silence or your favorite music without disturbing your neighbors.Dodge
Jeep (Grand Cherokee)

Moreover, on the Uconnect 8.4 system, you can interact with iPhones Apple though Apple CarPlay. The app enables you to use all the features of your phone through Uconnect 8.4 screen. Thanks to it, you can listen to music, call, send messages or access to hands-free Apple Maps. Be careful, this feature is available only with iPhone 5 or more recent iPhones.

Car models where you can use Uconnect system

As you know, you can’t use Uconnect on every vehicle. Here is a list which gathers the most famous car models where you can use Uconnect :

Car brandCar model
Grand caravan
Grand Cherokee
RamRam 1500

Update your Uconnect

Update Uconnect system

If you want to use an updated Uconnect, you must download the last version of Uconnect system. The first step is to check if you need to update your Uconnect or not . You’ll need to enter your registration number of vehicle and you’ll know if a newer version of your Uconnect does exist and if you need to update your Uconnect.

If you need a Uconnect update, you can follow these instructions step by step. You just need a computer, your Uconnect system and an empty USB (4GB). Steps :

  1. If Uconnect update is available, plug your USB into your computer.
  2. Download the Uconnect update directly to your USB.
  3. Once the file downloaded, double click the file to extract the Uconnect update to your USB.
  4. Put out the USB of your computer and take it to your vehicle.
  5. Then, start your car and let it on until the end of your Uconnect update.
  6. On your Uconnect screen, verify that the current software version is lower than the new software version available on the USB.
  7. Press yes, and start the Uconnect update.
  8. Wait during the updating process.
  9. Once the Uconnect update completed, your system resets.
  10. Wait several seconds and a screen appears. Here, you have to verify that the software number version now match. If they are the same, press “No” and your updating process is completed. Your Uconnect update has been successful.
  11. Remove the USB and stop your car.
  12. If the number on your screen do not match, repeat the operation of updating and press “Yes” again. Repeat this operation until the number version match.

If you feel that it’s too complicated to update your Uconnect by yourself, you can call a dedicated service or watch a tutorial online. Once the Uconnect update, you can update your Uconnect maps.

Update Uconnect maps

In order to update Uconnect maps, you should know that you may need to update your Uconnect system first. Moreover, the maps Uconnect update depend on your car brand, car model and year. Some updates are available on car models and not on others. Update Uconnect maps can also be free or you have to pay for it.

If you want to use the GPS function of your Uconnect, you have to activate your navigation system first. In order to do it, an activation code can unbolt the navigation system on the Uconnect update 8.4 version. The activation is unique and cannot be moved from a vehicle to another. The activation is available during the whole life time of your vehicle. This activation code cost around 595$ for a Chrysler model for example.

Moreover, once your Uconnect navigation activated and updated, you can purchase different maps of different regions of north america. Each map price depends on your vehicle and the region you’d like to purchase. Go on Uconnect website to know the price of the Uconnect update you desire.

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