Best 2021 GPS Garmin

Garmin is today the best GPS brand in Europe. This navigation and geolocation system offers its customers GPS navigators with sufficient performance and systems that are both fluid and complete for their travel. Among the Garmin appliances quite powerful we find:

GPS Garmin Drive 40 LM

The GARMIN DRIVE 40 GPS is the best companion for all your car journeys. This device allows you to navigate on a large screen and stay up-to-date on road hazards in real time.

With its large capacitive screen of 10.9 cm, the GPS GARMIN DRIVE 40 road is quite complete with advanced navigation features and a map of 15 European countries for easy and fast moves.

Several features are offered with this device such as 3D display, voice guidance with several configurable voices and languages, alerts to approach dangerous turns, traffic info and risk zones.

Free lifetime map updates are free, and several free maps are offered for the life of your device.


The NUVI 2559 LM makes it easy to travel by car thanks to its large screen and allows you to stay up-to-the-minute on the road in real time. It is a complete travel companion with advanced navigation features for safer and faster travel.

The NÜVI 2559 LM boasts a large capacitive screen 5 inches (12.7 cm) and offers you a multitude of useful features such as the update of the free lifetime maps, areas of risk, to switch Bluetooth technology for hands-free calls, l ‘ traffic, voice guidance etc…

NUVI 2559 LM GPS updates are free for life with detailed maps from 15 European countries. With free map updates for life, your itineraries are based on the latest map data and recent points of interest.


The Garmin Zumo 340 LM GPS is one of the most robust devices available on the market. This GPS is designed by and for bikers !

The GARMIN ZUMO 340 LM is part of the new generation of GARMIN GPS, it has an ergonomic navigation interface and practical.

Thanks to the pre-installed GPS map in this GPS, the roads will soon have no secrets for you. This device helps you find many points of interest (restaurants, petrol stations, SNCF stations, RER airports, hotels, shopping centers, banks, car parks …), with the possibility of recording important points of interest.

The GPS ZUMO 340 LM is equipped with a touch screen of 4.3 inches (10.9 cm) manufactured according to standards IPx7 so projections of fuel-resistant and perfectly airtight.

Several features are available with the ZUMO 340 LM such as 3D/2D display, voice guidance with several voices, the speed in real time display, alerts at the approach of the risk areas.

This GPS also offers you multiple possibilities: storing and viewing your photos in JPEG format thanks to the SD card slot, language translator and currency converter for your travels abroad, calculator.

Updates are free and easy to download.


The Garmin Drive 50 GPS Luxe is the efficient and easy-to-use device that ensures easy trips in 45 European countries. With its large 5-inch capacitive screen, the luxe drive 50 accompanies you along your journeys with advanced navigation features for safer and faster movements.

The GARMIN DRIVE LUXE 50 GPS offers you a multitude of useful functions such as voice recognition (control your GPS by the voice without having to manipulate it or leave the road of the eyes), the hands-free kit, detection of danger zones, l ‘Garmin traffic info in real time and updating maps for free.

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