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Onboard GPS first appeared in the 1990s and has become widely available in the last decade or so. Practical on a daily basis, it is one of the most popular options when buying a car. However, to optimize your trips, it is essential to keep it up to date. How to update your onboard GPS system ? Discover a complete guide about this tool.

Onboard car GPS: presentation

What is on-board GPS? What is it?

Over the years, GPS has become essential for driving and travelling in complete serenity. An essential companion, the latter then takes several forms. Nomadic, onboard or on the phone, there is a system to meet all needs. All car manufacturers now offer a navigation assistant directly onboard into the car. This tool is located in the centre console on the dashboard. It is usually offered as a paid option when you buy your car.

What are the advantages of the on-board navigation assistant?

The onboard GPS assistant has many undeniable advantages.

  • Reception : As the unit is connected to the external antenna, satellite reception is better. You will therefore not encounter the recurring concern of losing the network when you pass through a tunnel.
  • Theft : No risk of having your GPS stolen if you forget it in your seat when you leave your car.
  • Autonomy : Your onboard GPS is ready to use. You don’t have to worry about loading it to make it work.
  • Visibility : The screen is generally much larger than in the case of a mobile device or smartphone. You benefit from a better visibility of your itinerary.
  • Aesthetics : Incorporated into your dashboard, the onboard system offers an unbeatable aesthetic, modern and design.

It should be noted that such an option is necessarily expensive. Its price varies depending on the automotive supplier you choose and the model of vehicle.

Update of an onboard GPS car

Whether your GPS is mobile or onboard, it is important to update regularly. This gives you the latest maps and makes it easier and faster to move around. The road network is constantly evolving and in order not to waste time, it is essential that your device takes into account the latest changes. There are various possibilities for updating the data in your navigation system. Discover below the various scenarios.

Update a navigation system with SD card, USB or DVD

This operation concerns most onboard navigation systems. According to your car manufacturer, you have the option to update your device by downloading the new maps. You must then transfer them to an SD card or USB key, to plug in or connect to your dashboard to install the update. Generally, the maps are downloaded from the website of HERE Navigation, which is the exclusive reseller for the major car brands. Each supplier has an online shop, where products are classified by model. This gives you access to a large catalogue and you can choose the update that suits your needs. Depending on your model, it is also possible to order a DVD or CD, in order to install the update directly.

Automatic update GPS system

The latest models can offer a GPS system with SIM card. In this case, as soon as you start your car, the device, connected to the Internet, automatically searches for available updates. Certainly more expensive, this tool is extremely practical on a daily basis since it allows you to know instantly all the developments on the roads.

Older GPS models: go to the dealer

Older vehicles, on the other hand, will call for the use of the dealer box. Generally, it is the supplier himself who updates the GPS of your car. Check well in advance the price of such an operation and make sure that the proposed mapping is recent.

GPS Update shows you how to proceed

Find out how to update your system according to the brand

Among all the car models and suppliers on the market, updating does not imply the same approach or the same costs. To help you see more clearly, GPS Update lists complete guides for each brand. You will have the opportunity to discover the different steps to follow for all vehicles.

Toyota Entune Navigation System

The Toyota Entune free navigation system is a suite of advanced in-car navigation technologies that make traveling to your destination easier and more convenient. With Entune, you can access maps, traffic updates, real-time turn-by-turn directions, and more. You can also use the system to find places of interest along your route and save them for later use. Whether you’re on the road for business or pleasure, the Entune Navigation System can help make your trip go smoothly.

Your Audi GPS

Audi cars are highly prized for their high-end design and performance. Very practical, the Audi GPS assists you on a daily basis in all your travels. The supplier delegates the updating of the maps to HERE. You do not have the possibility for these vehicles to update your system via CD or DVD. You must go to your dealer.

BMW Navigation Assistant

Taking advantage of BMW’s most recent maps means using an external medium such as a USB key or DVD. BMW users must then purchase updates online or directly from the dealership.

Citroën GPS system

To work optimally, your navigation assistant onboard into your Citroën vehicle must be up to date and take into account new roads. The Citroën online site allows you to buy the latest maps adapted to your car model. Depending on the version of your GPS, you will be able to update your system via a CD, DVD, USB key or SD card.

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