Waze update

Waze free and powerful smartphone GPS app

The essential is said in the title. Yet summarize Waze in a few words is not very useful. Do you know what Waze is and do you know how it works?

If that’s not the case, you’ll be happy to discover this very smart and highly effective smartphone GPS app for just zero euro!

Waze was acquired by the American giant Google in 2013. Its strong point is to be able to count on a community of many planetary users. Forget the native GPS of your car and now enjoy Waze and its hundreds of real-time information.

Waze: a GPS that wants you well

Not so long ago, using a GPS was sometimes time-consuming. One had to make sure to download the updates from his card provider and the service was often paying. With Waze, the deal has changed or rather evolved.

Getting started with this software is easy. Its interface is purposely refined to allow a quick navigation in the menus. In a few clicks you access the main functions of the application.

This application for Android smartphone, iPhone and Windows phone offers its own mapping system and everyone can contribute to its enrichment. The maps are made by contributors and traffic information is constantly updated by the drivers themselves. The system shows traffic, accidents, work, speed cameras and even the location of your friends or relatives. We can say that the updates are done in real time thanks to a very active community. It is not uncommon to compare GPS Waze to a social network.
From the software point of view, updates are regular. Just install the new version of the application is here you go. For information, the latest version of Waze released early April 2016 has led to major developments including the aesthetic point of view. The reading of the cards is very good. Easily identifiable color codes make it easy to identify the nature of the signage at a glance. When we use this application, we immediately notice who is behind. Indeed Google’s paw is clearly recognizable. A clear style, no frills and that goes straight to the point. A bit like the search engine and its white presentation page. How to make it simpler and more effective!

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The voice function is also for the driver very reassuring. No need to leave the eyes of the steering wheel to consult his way. Waze communicates the necessary information aloud. It is even the best co-pilot who accompanies you everywhere!

With Waze, finding the right path is child’s play. The application is free and does the job. Obviously do not rely on its offline mode to take advantage of valuable information from other drivers. Waze is the most successful online GPS smartphone app yet.

Waze update, where to get them ?

To update Waze nothing more simple, just go to their website https://www.waze.com/en/