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Magellan GPS: About the brand

You want to buy a Magellan GPS, but you would like to know a little more about the brand and its products. This is a very good idea, as it will help you make better choices in this area. However, before going further, you can already remember that Magellan offers portable GPS for you to locate and find your way. This, no matter what terrain you are on (land and sea).

Indeed, given the constant and continuous evolution of modernism, urbanism, the expansion of cities and agglomerations, everything changes and evolves. This incessant modification of the different living environments can push you to lose your bearings. So, to fix it, what better than a good GPS Magellan. This brand allows you to move from one place to another without much hassle. Thus, whether for professional or personal reasons, you can move without worry.

About the brand

The Magellan brand was founded in 1986 and has put its genius to work to give the world a good way to situate itself. Also, she created her first GPS in 1989, so 3 years after its foundation. And it was the Nav 1000 model. However, it was not until 2006 that the brand sold its first Magellan cross-over GPS. A gadget designed for road and outdoor navigation. The company was bought a year later by Mitac Corp., a company founded in 1982. Today, it is also known as MiTAC Digital Corporation.

However, it must be remembered that it has more than 200 key patents in GPS technology. This makes it one of the leading manufacturers of electronic navigation devices. In addition, she has developed a long-term partnership with the companies CAA, Penske Racing, National Geographic and NAVTEQ. This, in order to offer users of Magellan GPS, the best features and programs that are.

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What about the brand’s products?

The brand’s navigation products are ideal for helping you to find your route easily at sea trips, car trips or hikes. These are complete articles that are very easy to use. Performing and practical, they come with different features and various maps adapted to the road, navigation at sea or outdoor recreation. With Switch, eXplorist, ToughCase, Triton, Magellan RoadMate® and Maestro ™, you’ll be spoiled for choice with Magellan GPS.

With the brand Magellan, you have at your disposal powerful devices with a host of features. Also, if you want to equip a car GPS to guide you or inform you of the different conditions of the journey to arrive at your destination, Magellan products are at your disposal. High-sensitivity GPS, navigation (on roads, seas and paths), compasses, altimeters, optimal screen size, good mapping quality, computer graphics function, voice recognition and Bluetooth service, everything is there. Choosing Magellan GPS is choosing a location service of quality regardless of the terrain.

Magellan GPS update

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