Can I Track My Stolen Garmin GPS?

Well. GPS is one of the most essential technologies for our daily life. It helps us navigate the environment to reach our destination with proper instructions without any complications. In simple words, it makes our daily life easier.

But have you ever thought that if you somehow lost your Garmin GPS device, how can you find it? And you may ask, can I track my stolen Garmin GPS? Is it possible to find the GPS device, or how complicated can it be to find your Garmin GPS device?

It’s terrible news that Garmin devices are not remotely trackable, accessible, or controllable. But wait, there are some steps you can check and things you can do to help you track your stolen Garmin GPS device.

So, let’s have a detailed discussion about how you can track your stolen Garmin GPS and everything about it.

What Is Garmin GPS?

We all know what GPS is, right? GPS is a Global Positioning System, a satellite-based navigation system that determines time and location information by beaming data with satellites.

Well, enough learning about GPS, but do we know what Garmin is? Most people only know that Garmin is an international company that makes GPS. But is that all? Before we start discussing how to track a Garmin GPS, let’s briefly discuss what Garmin is.

Garmin is an international technology company that designs and manufactures GPS-based and wearable devices. The Garmin company was launched in Kansas, USA, in 1989, and after that, Garmin became a leading brand making GPS devices and other navigational devices in the GPS market.

Garmin has a wide range of GPS-based products in the market, and some of those technologies are smartwatches, automated navigation systems, fitness trackers, etc.

These devices often offer GPS connection, time, location, active tracking, etc. Garmin products are popular with outdoor enthusiasts who love tracking, cycling, roaming the wild, or other outdoor activities.

Besides hardware, Garmin has two popular software, Garmin Express & Garmin Connect, which are some of the best software to manage dedicated Garmin devices.

Can I Track My Stolen Garmin GPS?

Well, here comes the moment of truth. GPS devices and trackers are made for accurately and adequately navigating known and unknown places with the update of time, weather, traffic, and many more things.

GPS trackers also play a very crucial role in keeping our assets safe and real-time updates of our assets, such as from your vehicle to your pets, anything.

Garmin usually has a wide range of tracking services, but online traceable GPS devices are limited by Garmin because standard GPS techs need to provide trackable information.

But wait, don’t start to panic yet, because Garmin products come with software called Garmin Connect, and with this software comes some services that can help you track your lost or stolen Garmin GPS.

But before we break down the part of using Garmin Connect to track your stolen Garmin GPS device, let’s discuss the usual process of tracking a lost GPS device and how it will be possible for you to track your Garmin GPS device online.

How Can GPS Be Tracked If Lost or Stolen

Well, if your car has a GPS device installed inside of your car, this might be a popular and attractive target for thieves. Ironically, the system that tracks your movement and destination can’t be tracked down when lost or stolen.

Although, some websites provide support to track stolen or lost technologies. By registering and using their software on your device, you can locate the location of your stolen device.

Even if you can locate where your device is, you still have to contact the local police to fetch your device. Police can do the work more efficiently and accurately, so it’s better to contact your local police when your device is stolen.

Here are some steps you can follow to track your stolen GPS device-

Step 1 – Inform the Local Police

Contact your local police and provide them with all the information about your stolen device, such as device model, company name, device serial number, purchasing store name, etc. They will add your information to a list and investigate local flea markets or pawn shops.

Searching for your GPS might be difficult if the thief decides to sell the product online. If the police can’t locate your stolen GPS, you might have to take things in your hand and let’s see how you can do that.

Step 2 – Register on

There has a website called that tracks lost or stolen gadgets. Register on their website and download their dedicated software. Registering on their website will cost you a few dollars because you have to pay them a service charge to find your device.

After you are done with registration, they will give you a form where you have to provide the name of your gadget, manufacturer, serial number, and model. You have to provide some of your personal information, such as your name, address & contact number, etc.

Step 3 – Be Patient

This step is all about patience. You have to wait to get notified by the software of the gadget trick. Whenever your GPS device is plugged into a computer or power source, you will be notified by the software with the exact real-time location of your GPS device.

Step 4 – Keep a Record of the Location You Found

The final thing you have to do is keep a record of the location you have been able to detect and inform your local police with as many details as possible about the detected location. Your local police will contact the police of the area where you found your device, and they will work on retrieving your GPS device, which has been lost or stolen.

Locating Garmin GPS By Garmin Connect

In the discussion above, how you can track the lost Garmin GPS externally, with the help of your local law and third-party software.

But you will be happy to know that the latest Garmin devices and technologies come with their software, Garmin Connect, designed and developed by Garmin.

Let’s look closer at how this software can help you find your stolen Garmin GPS and what steps you should follow to utilize the software.

Check the Software

If your Garmin GPS device were paired with your smartphone or desktop through Garmin Connect, the software would show you when your device last synced with Garmin Connect. If it shows that it was synced recently, you can be sure your device was in the range of your smartphone or laptop.

Log in to your Garmin Connect software from your laptop or desktop and search for daily summary options. You can find the option on the top left navigation bar.

The daily summary will show you the exact time and date of the last sync of your Garmin GPS device with the Garmin Connect software. This information will be on the left bar of the screen beside the date list of your daily summary.

Find Your Device by Garmin Connect

If you have previously connected your device with your smartphone through Garmin Connect software, it may be able to track or locate your device by its ‘find my device’ feature if it is within your smartphone’s Bluetooth range.

Follow the steps below to use the Garmin Connect software’s ‘find my device’ feature.

  • Firstly, turn to your Garmin Connect app or software.
  • There are different options for Android and iOS. Choose which one you use.
  • You will find the Android option on the top left and the iOS option on the bottom suitable.
  • After selecting your platform, you will find an option named ‘Garmin devices.’
  • Select that option and select the name or model of your device.
  • Lastly, select ‘find my device’ to locate your device.

If your device is near the range of your smartphone and its power is on, it will vibrate or emit an audio beep.

If your device is lost and you are on the location where you or your local police tracked the last known location of your device, this method can finish the job within no time.

Track Your Garmin GPS Online

Garmin may have offered and manufactured many navigating and tracking devices, as discussed. Still, most of Garmin’s GPS devices cannot be tracked and do not supply any trackable information.

Get A Trackable GPS Device

Not all GPS devices can be tracked, so you should go for a GPS device that transmits data or signals by sending and receiving.

There are two types of GPS devices, active GPS devices, and passive GPS devices. Active devices immediately transmit data to their receiver, but passive GPS devices store it to view it later.

Trackable Garmin GPS devices are built with GTU 10 GPS locator.

MyGarmin Services: MyGarmin services and the resource center of Garmin allow users to locate their enabled GPS device on their desktops. All you have to do is register your device on their website, and you can locate your tracking device on a map. This feature provides users with the last 24 hours of the tracking history of their Garmin GPS device.

This feature of Garmin charges 25 dollars to 35 dollars per month. Also, you can use their free trial too by following the procedure.

Mobile Apps

Garmin has its tracker app for both iOS and Android platforms. This mobile app or software allows users to locate their Garmin GPS device or any Garmin devices allied with their MyGarmin mobile app and services.

Garmin lets you set your preferences for when you will be alerted if your tracker leaves a geofenced area by creating geofences.

The best part is this app will guide you with step-by-step instructions to your device if it connects with your device.

Final Words

So, Can I Track My Stolen Garmin GPS? GPS devices are one most essential technology in our daily life. You use hundreds to thousands of dollars to get a good quality Garmin GPS device, and you surely won’t like your device being lost or stolen.

Every problem in this world comes with a solution. Some of these solutions are very easy to apply; others are hard and complicated. But following proper instructions and guidelines will make it easy for you to track down your stolen Garmin GPS device.

We hope our article above will help you learn how to track and retrieve your stolen Garmin GPS device.