Garmin Express : the dedicated software to update your Garmin

For many years, Garmin has been offering high-performance navigation devices to guide you on a daily basis. The American brand offers a wide range of products, tailored to all the specific needs of users. To ensure that your GPS brings you safely to the right place, it is essential to keep it up to date. This approach is simplified thanks to the Garmin Express tool. Find out how to use this software and how to easily update all your navigation equipment.

Garmin: a range of GPS to meet your requirements

The Garmin Company’s historical background

Garmin has been developing navigation systems since 1989. In the 2000s, the company was very successful thanks to its GPS for hikers. The range was then extended to include cars and motorcycles. Today, Garmin offers a wide range of solutions, for both aviation, marine, outdoor activities and sports.

Presentation of Garmin’s flagship products

Garmin markets GPS tools with the latest innovations on the market. This equipment offers you an optimized driving experience and provides you with real assistance during your journeys. The Garmin range is available in different models, according to your expectations but also your budget. Overview of the best-sellers:

  • Garmin Drive : First price in the range, this model is available in 5 or 6 inches and informs you in real time of dangers and high-risk areas.
  • Garmin DriveSmart : This device offers advanced connected features and real-time traffic information. It can be controlled by voice and allows you to connect your phone using Bluetooth to make calls in complete safety. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to update maps.
  • Garmin DriveAssist : A Garmin range’s premium device, DriveAssist incorporates a camera that is constantly filming and will prove to be very useful in the event of a collision. This model is also connected and offers you many services in real time: traffic conditions, points of interest , fixed and mobile danger zones…

Update your GPS with Garmin Express

Are you lucky to own a Garmin GPS? Don’t forget to update it regularly. This step is essential to benefit from updated maps. You are convinced of always taking the shortest route to your destination. To carry out these updates, Garmin simplifies the task for you with the Garmin Express software.

The software’s presentation and its advantages

Garmin Express allows you to update and synchronize your GPS device. This system allows you to receive notifications on your computer making sure your maps are up to date. With this tool, you can take advantage of detailed instructions to update your GPS. Even novices will be able to update very easily and quickly!

This tool offers you a wide range of possibilities. It allows you to download the latest road maps, to better manage your daily journeys. The software tells you when an update is available and helps you, step by step, to successfully install it. Garmin Express also simplifies software updates for you. In addition, it can be synchronized with Garmin Connect to give you the ability to download your sports activities and data.

Procedure for installing Garmin Express

The software is available on Windows and Mac. Be sure to check the prerequisites before you start the installation.

For Windows:

  • Windows Vista SP2 or higher;
  • USB port and at least 1 GB of RAM;
  • High speed Internet, preferably via network cable;
  • 13 GB minimum disk space.

On Mac:

  • OS X 10.10 or higher;
  • Same conditions as above.

Then simply click on the links on the dedicated section of the Garmin website . The download will start automatically. Then start the installation program and follow the steps. Once your software is installed, you can connect your device. Then, register it easily and quickly with a simple email address and access your customized interface to manage all your updates.

Presentation of Garmin Connect

Among its range of software, the company also offers an application to monitor your sporting performance. Garmin Connect can be easily synchronized with Garmin Express, so you can store all your data and download new training programs. The application is now available for all terminals: it can be downloaded from Google Play, App Store or Windows Store.

Garmin Connect provides you with:

  • An online training tool: you can store, analyse and share your sports activities. This feature applies to cycling, running, swimming or hiking.
  • A tailored-made dashboard: choose all the options you want to add to your dashboard and access them with a single click.
  • Fitness and health : monitor your activity on a daily basis and stay motivated. Set goals for yourself. This menu allows you to track your number of daily steps, your inactivity time, calories burned but also your sleep time.

The Garmin connected watch

All these possibilities are available to you thanks to the Garmin Connect application installed on your smartphone. But you can also enjoy these options on your connected Garmin watch. The smartwatch has the advantage of always staying on your wrist and accompanying you on all your travels. It can also be easily connected to Garmin Express, to update your content and settings. Always more innovative, the latest models of connected Garmin watches even allow you to pay for your purchases without contact thanks to the Garmin Pay option. Wherever contactless payment is accepted, you can then use your watch. A very attractive feature when you want to do your outdoor sports session without loading yourself down of your wallet or phone. The Connect IQ store allows you to download new applications, free or for sale, to enjoy them on your Garmin watch.

GPS Update: find the update procedures for all your devices

Our site provides you with all GPS instructions for use on the market. Whether it’s a connected or on board device, GPS Update provides comprehensive guides to take full advantage of your navigation assistant and to make updates easily and quickly.

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